Jago – A Life Underwater


A feature documentary produced and directed by James Reed for Underdog Films, in association with James Morgan Films, Fantomline Pictures and Vistaar.

The extraordinary life story of Pak Rohani, an 80-year-old Bajau spear fisherman, is told entirely from his perspective and dramatically recreated using members of his own family.

JAGO was self-financed, mostly on a credit card, and depended on the passion and dedication of a wide range of highly skilled creatives and technicians. With no broadcaster on board and no certainty of financial reward, the Jago team worked purely to create something magical that they could be proud of. Despite its humble beginnings, Jago became a huge success story, winning multiple awards, including the Grand Teton at Jackson Hole, and was sold all over the world – to Netflix, BBC, Arte and Smithsonian.

JAGO was James’s directorial debut and Underdog Films’ first ever production. It represents the values and strengths of Underdog and showcases what we do best – tell authentic, intimate stories from the most unexpected and inaccessible places on Earth. We take unfamiliar characters – human and animal – and immerse audiences in their worlds and experiences.

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